Chocolate covered cherries may hold the title as one of the most delicious combinations known to man.  The dessert is commonly available from commercial candy makers, but including cherries in your chocolate fountain dip selection allows you to enjoy the treat unadulterated by all of the artificial ingredients and extra sugars packed into commercial treats.

Pair Fresh Cherries with:

2 additional dipping items … $1.45 per person

4 additional dipping items … $1.75 per person

Maraschino cherries may be available by request.

Chocolate Fountain Houston recommends …


$1.45 per person

Fresh Red Fruits …

Cherry + Strawberry + Red Apple Slices

Elegance …

Cherry + Strawberries + Cream Puffs

$1.75 per person

Fresh Fruit Sublime …

Cherry + Strawberry + Red Apple Slices + Banana + Pineapple

Elegance Supreme …

Cherry + Strawberry + Cream Puffs + Angel Food Cake + Coconut Macaroons

Chocolate dipped Cherries are perfect for elegant events:

  • Weddings, Wedding Receptions, and Engagement Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Wine Tastings
  • Valentine’s Day Parties & Date Night
  • Baby Showers
  • Graduation Parties
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Reunions


  • High in anthocyanins, the chemical that gives cherries their bright red color. Anthocyanins act as antioxidants that protect both cherries and the people who eat them from the damaging effects of UV light and free oxygen and nitrogen molecules.  Anthocyanins also help the body create essential amino acids.
  • Contain melatonin, a natural pain killer that helps maintain the body’s natural sleep cycle.
  • are high in Vitamin C and fiber.